Sheet Material

Thermoseal, Teadit and Garlock

Teflon, Expandable Teflon, Gore-Tex

Full gasket sheets, pH 0-14, temperatures: -500 to 500 F


Any type, any material, any size

Spiral Wound Gaskets

Any type and size

Handhole and manway

Rubber Products

Red rubber, EPDM, BUNA, Neoprene, Viton and Aflas, Cloth-inserted

Joint Sealant

Gore-Tex, SEPCO, all sizes


Fiberglass rope, bolthole tape

Pureflex Advanced Composite Valves

Composite/PTFE valves, ball, butterfly

Natural gas valves: HD and MD, Pureflex chemical hose

Durcor-PTFE lined composite pipe

Hill-McCanna (since 1931)

PFA/PTFE-lined products

butterfly, ball and plug valves

Hamon Research-Cottrell

Electrostatic precipitators